There are thousands of mortgage companies in the United States. All mortgage companies need to be licensed and bonded. All mortgage companies are highly regulated at both federal and state levels. So what makes Capital Lending Network, Inc. so special? What is different between Capital Lending Network, Inc. versus an FDIC Bank’s mortgage division. Why should you deal with CLN remotely when you can apply for a home mortgage at your local brick and mortar bank. The benefit of using Capital Lending Network, Inc. is because we are experts in working tough government and conventional loans and have zero lender overlays. Over 75% of our borrowers at Capital Lending Network, Inc. are folks who either have gotten a last minute mortgage loan denial or are stressing over the mortgage process with their current lender and are about to get denied. We can help you in transferring your loan from a different lender and help you with continuing your mortgage process at CLN and close your loan in a timely manner. Most loan officers do not know how to do tough loans that our loan officers at CLN can do. We are specialists and experts in helping borrowers with late payments in the past 12 months, outstanding collections/charged-off accounts, high debt to income ratio, late payments after bankruptcy and/or foreclosure, and manual underwriting. CLN has a national reputation of being able to get loans approved on loan that other lenders cannot do.