Documents Required To Start Mortgage Process And Close On Time At Capital Lending Network, Inc.

Whether mortgage borrowers are starting the mortgage process at Capital Lending Network, Inc. or at another mortgage company, the Documents Required To Start Mortgage Process is the same.

  • In order to assure a smooth and no-stress mortgage process, all documents submitted need to be legible and complete
  • Illegible and incomplete documents will get kicked back and is one of the biggest reasons for delays during the mortgage process and can possibly delay mortgage closings
  • Do not send phone pictures or piecemeal emails
  • Our processing department at Capital Lending Network, Inc. will not submit any mortgage files to underwriting unless we get all documents that are legible, labeled and complete, and PDF Format
  • When emailing documents required to start mortgage process at CLN, make sure to list your last name as well as the document being attached in the subject section of the email

Following the above instructions will streamline and fast-track the overall mortgage process. It will make the job of the processing and operations staff efficient and the underwriting approval process quicker.

Documents Required To Process Mortgage Loan To Get Home Loan Approval

There is going to be many documents that will be requested during the mortgage process depending on the borrower. Please format the initial documents required as follows when sending it to processing:

What documents are required to process a mortgage for home loan approval

  • All documents requested need to be complete and legible
  • Make sure to send the blank pages as well
  • SCAN all documents, label them, and email them on PDF FORMAT 
  • Do NOT email phone pictures
  • All documents need to be sent all at one time and NOT piecemeal


The Role Of The Mortgage Processor

The role of the mortgage processor is to make sure the file is complete with documents  required to submit to underwriting. The mortgage underwriter will not waste any time digging for paperwork that is not labeled and/or incomplete. Incomplete files will get kicked back to processing.

  • Incomplete and/or illegible paperwork and documents is the main reason for delays in  getting a conditional loan approval and closing
  • Make sure we get all pages, including blanks are provided
  • When sending emails containing the documentation requested, please label the subject area and list borrowers last name and the document(s) being submitted in the subject line

This will increase our efficiency in the process of borrowers loan request.

Documents Required: The Loan Estimate And Disclosures

The Loan Estimate and disclosures need to get disclosed to the borrower. Other important disclosures that will be sent to the borrower are the following;

What is the credit estimate and disclosure

  • An E-Consent will be sent to all borrowers via email
  • The purpose for the E-Consent is a consent email that the borrowers consent to receiving emails
  • The mortgage process will proceed after the borrower acknowledges reading and understanding the purpose of the e-consent which is done by signing it electronically

The loan officer and/or the mortgage processor may email other documents and/or forms that need to be signed and dated.

Other Forms And Documents Required To Keep The Mortgage Process Moving

Other forms and documents borrowers need to complete and return with their signature are the following:


  • Borrower’s Authorization 
  • The borrower’s authorization form gives the operations staff at the mortgage company power of attorney to represent the borrowers  and talk to the borrower’s employer and insurance agent regarding this mortgage transaction will be emailed once we get the required documents below


Lenders are concerned with the borrower’s ability to repay the new mortgage loan. Therefore, any new credit inquiries on the borrower’s credit report will be scrutinized. Lenders want to know if the borrower incurred new debt that may affect the borrower’s debt to income ratio:

  • A letter of explanation is needed for any credit inquiries on borrower’s credit report
  • Lenders need to know if any new debt was incurred or what the final outcome of the credit inquiry was
  • Please sign and date the letter of explanation with the  purpose and outcome of the credit inquiry 


Most loan officers will go over the list of derogatory credit tradelines on your credit report and tell you how to write a letter of explanation.

  • For any derogatory items that appear on credit report each, the borrower needs to write a one or two sentence letter of explanation
  • Needs a brief description of explanation such as the reason for the credit inquiry on ABC VISA CARD was to shop for a better interest credit card but I did not get approved

Again, the loan officer will go over this with you.

Social Security & IRS 4506T Form VERIFICATION:

The mortgage processor will send borrowers a social security verification form:

  • Please verify borrowers and co-borrowers SS#| Then sign and date the form
  • A 4506T used to order borrowers tax transcripts from the IRS for the last 2 years


There will be a delay if the address you filed you federal income tax returns do not match the IRS 4506T form.

Documents Required To Process Home Mortgage:

  1. Copy of front and back of drivers license
  2. Copy of front and back of social security card
  3. Two months bank statements &/or retirement accounts– All pages even blank ones
  4. Irregular and/or large deposits  that is  non-payroll needs a letter of explanation
  5. Home owner’s Insurance proof or agents name and phone number 
  6. Social Security income and/or retirement awards that is given yearly along with 3 months bank statements to show direct deposits if applicable
  7. Copy of borrowers current mortgage statement(s) if applicable
  8. Proof of real estate tax bill and proof of payment if applicable
  9. Divorce decree if applicable
  10. Provide copy of executed real estate purchase contract
  11. Acknowledge and electronically sign the “Letter of Intent” to proceed with the mortgage process

Once the home inspection is completed and the borrower, the home appraisal is ordered.

Other Documents Lenders May Require During The Mortgage Process

What other documents lenders may require during the loan process

Other Documents Required To Process Mortgage Loan If Applicable:

  • If the borrower had a prior short sale, then closing paperwork of closing statement of the short sale is required
  • If the borrower had a prior foreclosure and/or deed in lieu paperwork, proper paperwork proving the waiting period requirements had passed is required 
  • Bankruptcy paperwork and all schedules if the borrower filed a prior bankruptcy
  • Child support and/or alimony paperwork if it applies to borrowers
  • Written payment agreement for tax liens and/or judgments and/or proof the lien and/or judgment has been satisfied
  • If student loans are in deferment, a statement on what the fully amortized monthly payment will be on an extended payment plan by the student loan provider

Please contact Tammy Trainor if you have any questions. ALL Documents Required To Process Mortgage Loan SHOULD BE EMAILED TO your loan officer or operations at

Thank you for giving the team at Capital Lending Network, Inc. the opportunity to make your dream of homeownership become a reality.