Second Stimulus Check: Will You Get $2,000?

This Article Is About The Second COVID-19 Stimulus Bill To Pay $2,000 Per Individual Taxpayer

Last week both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have passed the second COVID-19 stimulus bill totaling $900 billion dollars for President Donald J. Trump to sign.

Included in the $900 billion dollar coronavirus economic relief bill was economic relief checks of $600 for each American taxpayer making less than $75,000 per year. In the first COVID-19 stimulus bill, each individual taxpayer got a stimulus check of $1,200. However, President Trump did not like how little each American taxpayer got. $600 per taxpayer is a joke, President Trump said. Prior to both chambers of Congress signing the bill, White House staff said the President will sign the second COVID-19 bill if it was brought to his desk. This is not what happened last Friday. President Trump did not agree with the pork Democrats have snuck through as part of the coronavirus economic relief package. A lot of pork included in the bill had absolutely nothing to do with helping Americans recover financially during the COVID-19 financial crisis.

What does giving $10 million dollars to Pakistan’s transgender studies have to do with helping American families put food on their table?

Democrats Politicing Second Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

Democrats saw this as an opportunity to take care of their foreign friends hoping President Donald Trump will just sign the 6,000 pages rushed coronavirus economic relief bill. Included in the second coronavirus economic relief bill was offering cities and states who have been mismanaged prior to the coronavirus outbreak a federal bailout. Republican-led states that have been well-run are totally against bailing out financially irresponsible states like Illinois and New York.

This may have worked with other Presidents like Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton but it backfired with President Donald J. Trump. President Trump did not sign the bill last Friday.
President Donald J. Trump told both chambers of Congress to get back to the drawing table and get him a bill that benefits Americans and NOT foreigners. Under the initial $900 billion dollar relief bill signed by both chambers of Congress, illegal aliens in the U.S. got more money than Americans.
There was more money in the bill for foreign aid than there was for individual American taxpayers and their families. President Trump did go over the 6,000 pages in the bill and did not just sign it as Democrats expected. President Trump reviewing the bill signed by the House and Senate set off a fiery political firestorm over the weekend on all major liberal media networks bashing the president.
Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch O’Connell and several republicans turned on President Trump over the delay in signing the $900  billion dollar coronavirus economic relief bill.

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover the Second COVID-19 Stimulus Bill To Pay $2,000 Per Individual Taxpayer.

Second COVID-19 Stimulus Bill UPDATE

The House of Representatives wasted no time passing the Second COVID-19 Stimulus Bill increasing the second round of stimulus checks from $600 in the original bill last week to $2,000 payments.

This is what President Trump announced over the weekend that $600 per individual taxpayer was too little. President Trump said he would like to see more like $2,000 per individual taxpayer.
The House of Representatives with Democrats holding the majority had no problem increasing the $600 to $2,000 payments. However, the newly updated bill needs to pass the Senate before it gets to President Trump’s desk for signature. Many analysts and economists believe the newly updated increase of $2,000 to taxpayers and their families will have a hard time passing the Republican-majority Senate. Ironically, President Donald J. Trump and congressional Democrats are on the same side with issuing $2,000 per individual taxpayer. Both Democrats and President Trump want a second COVID-19 stimulus check of $2,000 per individual. Republicans agree with $600 per taxpayer but not $2,000.
As of today, we are waiting for what the Republican-majority Senate will do. Will they vote on the newly revised second coronavirus economic relief bill giving $2,000 to Americans?
Or will they turn it down.

We will keep our viewers updated as the vote comes in, hopefully, later today.

Second COVID-19 Stimulus Bill For Dependents

The initial stimulus bill of $600 per eligible person also included a $600 payment for each child who is 16 years of age or younger in your family.

With the updated revised coronavirus economic relief stimulus bill, families with dependent children under the age of 16 years of age will be increased to $2,000 per dependent child.
For example, a family of five would get a $ 10,000-second coronavirus economic relief check instead of a payment of $3,000 ($600 times 5 people). Democrats proposed the CASH Act which would give financial relief not just to dependent children but also payments to older children and elderly parents living with the individual taxpayer. Also, payments will be issued to anyone who is claimed as dependents who the individual taxpayer financially supports no matter what age they are.

This holds true as long as the individual taxpayer claims these folks as dependents on their income tax returns.

What Experts Predict Will Happen With The Second Stimulus Bill

Michelle McCue said the following:

The House bill would also retroactively amend the law authorizing the first round of stimulus checks (the CARES Act) so that all dependents would qualify for the extra $500 payments allowed for children age 16 and younger. As a result, if the CASH Act is enacted, families with dependents who didn’t get a first-round additional payment would be able to claim it as a credit on their 2020 federal income tax return.

President Donald J. Trump was not too happy with all the pork Democrats put as part of the 6,000-page second COVID-19 stimulus bill. The plan from the Democrats backfired under this President.
President Trump redlined all of the pork the Democrats put in the bill that he feels needs to be removed. President Trump said the pork in the second coronavirus stimulus bill has nothing to do with the COVID-19 relief plan.

Bi-Partisan Support Of The Second-Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

The Republican Party is in chaos. Democrats remain united with whatever they do. Even with the alleged election fraud of the 2020 elections, not a single Democrat seems concerned the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from President Trump and has no interest in having Joe Biden elected as a fake president and Kamala Harris as a fake Vice President. Many governors in Democrat-led states like JB Pritzker of Illinois have been counting on federal bailout money to fix their state’s financial mismanagement. There are Republicans who are turning against President Trump and telling him to concede. President Trump will do no such thing. President Trump will fight the fraud that happened in the 2020 elections and justice will prevail. There are a number of Republican senators who support the higher $ 2,000-second stimulus relief checks for Americans. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, S.C. Senator Lindsey Graham, Florida Senator Marco Rubio all support the higher payment amounts.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the majority of Republican senators are expected not to support the higher payment amount in the bill. Republicans who are not supporting the higher payment to individual taxpayers support a second coronavirus economic relief bill but not in the form of just sending individuals a $2,000 check. Republicans against the higher dollar amount feel that the $464 billion increase in paying Americans the higher amount can be used for other use that will benefit those who are in need the most as well as financial relief for small businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis. This is a developing story. Capital Lending Network, Inc. will keep our viewers updated as new developments develop. STAY TUNED!!!

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