What State has the Highest Rate of People Moving Out?

BREAKING NEWS: More People Moving Out Of Expensive States To Lower Taxed States

More People Moving Out Of Expensive States To Lower Taxed States. Many lower-taxed states like Florida, Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama are thriving and raking in billions in revenues. However, other states with incompetent politicians like Illinois and New York are facing a massive exodus of not just individual taxpayers but businesses. Society is not the same like it was a decade ago. More and more companies are offering their employees remote job positions. By offering remote positions to their workers, companies are able to get more productivity and save money. Due to potentially eliminating brick and mortar expenses and the ability for the company to relocate to other low-taxed states, companies can save thousands of dollars in expenses. There has never been such a mass exodus of businesses and companies fleeing Illinois and New York like never before in history.

More People Moving Out Of Expensive States To Lower Taxed States: Illinois Leads With The Highest Out-Migration Numbers

New York and California were the top two states with the largest out-migration numbers due to high taxes. However, under the leadership of heavyset political newcomer JB Pritzker, Illinois now ranks as the most financially irresponsible state in the nation with the highest overall state rate. Illinois leads as the state with the largest number of out-migration including New York than any other state in the nation. Illinois is the highest taxed state in the nation. Since freshman rookie governor JB Pritzker took office in January 2019, Illinois has been deteriorating at a historic record pace than ever before. More people leaving high-taxed states are now taking incompetent politicians as a reason to move. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are ranked as the two most incompetent unpopular governors in the United States. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and New York Mayor Bill deBlasio are ranked as the top two most incompetent mayors and unpopular mayors in the nation. In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover on how More People Moving Out Of Expensive States To Lower Taxed States with affordable housing and lower cost of living.

More People Moving Out Of Expensive States Due To High Taxes

The coronavirus outbreak hit the U.S. in February 2020. The U.S. economy is quickly recovering from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic faster than expected. The unemployment rate hit close to 20% and more than 50 million Americans have filed for unemployment. However, as the month’s pass, the unemployment rate is recovering. Today’s unemployment rate is just under 7%. Many companies and businesses have made permanent changes due to the coronavirus outbreak. Many companies and businesses made permanent changes where workers can not work remotely. Permanent workers no longer have to report to a brick-and-mortar location. Many remote workers are no longer constrained to live in a certain area. Remote wage earners can live out of state and/or in any state they choose. This is not only true for individuals but also for companies. Rent is one of the largest expenses for any business and/or company. Why stay in states like Illinois, New York, California where state taxes can be as high as 10% and the cost of living is among the highest in the nation when they can relocate their home office to lower-taxed states.

Illinois Ranks As The Highest Taxed State With The Worst Financial Crisis

Illinois leads the nation not just as the highest taxed state but also the state with the worst financial crisis. Illinois is being run like a Ponzi Scheme under the leadership of rookie JB Pritzker. The federal government needs to step in and put the state under bankruptcy and/or receivership and relieve the governor of his powers due to major incompetence. If a state has the highest taxes in the nation, shouldn’t the state be able to pay its bills. Not in Illinois. Illinois also ranks as the most corrupt state in the nation. Six governors were charged with public corruption. Four of the six Illinois governors were indicted and sentenced to federal prison. It took only four months into Pritzker’s first term for JB Pritzker to be under federal criminal investigation for tax fraud. JB Pritzker and his wife MK Pritzker were caught in a property tax scheme to defraud the Cook County Assessor’s Office out of $331,000. When JB Pritzker and MK Pritzker got caught in their planned property tax fraud scheme, JB Pritzker immediately wrote a $331,000 check to Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios’ office. JB and MK Pritzker’s tax fraud investigation is still ongoing as of today. Could JB Pritzker be the next Illinois governor to get indicted and sentenced to federal prison?  From the way it looks, it sure seems like it. JB Pritzker denies he and his wife MK Pritzker did anything illegal. Then why are federal investigators and prosecutors expanding their tax fraud investigation? Public corruption is costing Illinois taxpayers over $550 million per year.

How Do These Incompetent Politicians Get Elected

Millions of Americans often wonder how to do these incompetent politicians not only get elected but keep on getting reelected. The 2020 Elections may be the answer. According to President Trump’s legal team, there was election fraud in the 2020 elections. This is a serious charge and if it is true that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has stolen the 2020 Presidential election, this is the answer to how these incompetent governors and politicians are getting elected and reelected. People’s votes matter. This is how America is built on and our rights as Americans. The media seems to be quick in their answer that President Trump’s allegations are baseless and Biden won the Presidency fair and square. However, there is mounting evidence of not just voter fraud but election fraud. The Dominium Voting System has been programmed with a unique sophisticated algorithm that converted President Trump’s votes into Biden’s votes. JB Pritzker has spent $171 million of his own money to win the 2018 Illinois Governor’s Race. Did Pritzker win the Governor’s race fair and square? Did Illinoisans legitimately vote for him as Illinois’ next governor. According to Trump’s lead attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, election fraud and voter fraud date back many decades. Election fraud and voter fraud investigation on the 2020 elections is in full force and something will come out of this. The results of this investigation can change America. America needs an answer.

Government Reform On Electing Competent Politicians

The Illinois governor seems absolutely clueless on how to fix the state’s bleeding financial crisis. Pritzker was unsuccessful in having Illinoisans vote to change the flat tax to his progressive tax which he called the FAIR TAX. The FAIR TAX proposal got defeated in November 3rd election. Now Pritzker is threatening taxpayers he will be increasing taxes across the board. JB Pritzker is a billionaire and many voters thought he was like Donald Trump. JB Pritzker is no Donald Trump. Pritzker is absolutely lost and not a savvy businessman like President Trump is. The only solution in solving the budget crisis Pritzker has is to increase and create new taxes. JB Pritzker has raised taxes on 20 plus items and he has created new taxes. Pritzker has even doubled Illinois’ gas taxes. Illinois pension system is broken. The state needs pension reform. However, the overweight obese JB Pritzker does not want to even consider pension reform due to the unions and the votes he may lose from government workers. To top it off, JB Pritzker has a major power trip. Illinois is one of the first states to shut down and the last state to reopen. Pritzker has shut down Illinois for the second time. With Pritzker limiting businesses to operate with such severe restrictions, the state is in a financial crisis due to a loss of revenue. With Pritzker’s executive stay-at-home lockdown order, thousands of restaurants, bars, and cafes are going out of business. Many Illinois small business owners have closed permanently due to Pritzker’s stay-at-home order where many courts have ruled unconstitutional.
JB Pritzker is not the only governor running the state into the ground. It seems Democrat governors are the ones that are running their states into the ground. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, California Governor Andrew Cuomo, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer are among those who rank in the bottom out of most unpopular and incompetent governors in the nation.

Incompetent Governors Are Bankrupting State Government

The coronavirus pandemic that hit the nation in February 2020 has changed America. A large percentage of workers are now permanent remote workers. People are more mobile due to remote employment. They can relocate to other cities, counties, and even states.

Michelle McCue of Capital Lending Network, Inc. said the following:

Illinois, California and New York are the top three states seeing the largest number of out-migration. These folks are fleeing to states with little to no state income taxes and affordable housing. Data show states with the highest taxes and increasing state taxes are states led by Democrats. Other states with high taxes and incompetent politicians that have high number of taxpayers fleeing to other states with lower taxes are Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., Oregon, Maine, New Jersey, Minnesota, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont. States that are thriving with new people and businesses flooding their states include Florida, Tennessee, Nevada, Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma. 

Losers are Illinois and other high taxed states losing taxpayers and businesses due to their high taxes. Winners are lower-taxed states like Florida, Texas, Indiana, and other lower-taxed states. Most remote workers in high taxed states do not think twice about leaving high taxed states once they get word from their employers they are permanently remote workers. There are nine states with no state income taxes. Those states are thriving and raking in billions in revenues. Californians making an exodus out of California can now be able to afford to purchase a home in a different state. Many Californians cannot afford to purchase a home due to the high cost of housing. An average home in California is valued at $600,000, which is twice the value of the national average of $298,000.

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Fatso JB PRITZKER ruined so many lives of business owners in Illinois. I know 3 families who own restaurants and because of this obese fat incompetent pig 🐖 JB PRITZKER, they are closing permanently. This obese overweight oversized fat slob JB Pritzker needs to either drop dead for his obesity or get impeached. Fatso is clueless and lost and his power hunger is really getting out of control.

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JB PRITZKER is a major nightmare and liability to Illinoisans. He has ruined so many lives of small business owners. One third of all Illinois businesses are or will be closed permanently due to this oversized overweight obese fat incompetent potbelly pig 🐖 stay at home executive orders. Hopefully Fatso will drop dead soon from a heart attack due to his obesity

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