Gov. J.B. Pritzker to Offer Tax Relief in Budget Proposal

This BREAKING NEWS Article Is About JB Pritzker Proposes $711 Million In Cuts To Solve Illinois Financial Crisis

Illinois always had a national reputation for its mismanagement and financial irresponsibility for decades.

However, the state has never been in such a serious financial crisis since JB Pritzker got elected to the governor’s office. The 5’5″ 500-pound JB Pritzker was always a political wannabe. He spent $500 million of his own money to run for a seat in U.S. Congress. However, the heavyset overly obese JB Pritzker came in a far third. JB Pritzker’s political aspirations came back to life in 2008 when he was recorded in a secret FBI wiretap with former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. JB Pritzker was recorded with Blagojevich exploring potential appointments for a high state office. Pritzker even explored the idea of Blagojevich appointing him the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Barack Obama. This was when Barack Obama won the U.S. Presidency. Nothing came of the secret wiretap between Pritzker and Blagojevich. Blagojevich eventually got convicted for corruption and was sentenced to fourteen years by late U.S. District Court Judge James B. Zagel. President Donald J. Trump commuted Rod Blagojevich’s 14-year sentence after Blagojevich served seven years. From the minute Pritzker got sworn in as Illinois governor, he has become a major disappointment to both business owners and individual taxpayers. All this rookie first-term governor knows is to raise taxes, create new taxes, and keep on spending taxpayers’ money like there is no tomorrow.

Incompetent First-Term Governor JB Pritzker Is Becoming Major Liability To Illinoisans

JB Pritzker has done more damage in his two years in office than any other governor in Illinois history.

With the recent defeat of his FAIR TAX, Pritzker is now forced to cut spending. The state cannot pay its bills. JB Pritzker Proposes $711 million in cuts so the state is able to function. The state was in a financial deficit prior to the pandemic hit the nation this February 2020. JB Pritzker’s extending his executive stay at home lockdown order has cost the state billions of dollars and put small business owners on the verge of bankruptcy. Pritzker is absolutely clueless and lost. He has hurt tens of thousands of small business owners. He has ordered a second executive stay at home lockdown order effective October 30th, 2020. All indoor dining, bars, cafe, salons, gyms, and other businesses deemed non-essential were ordered closed for the next thirty days. Pritzker said he may extend his lockdown order for another thirty days. While Pritzker is playing king of Illinois, tens of thousands of Illinoisans are struggling financially. A large percentage of restaurants, bars, cafes, and indoor places of business have laid off tens of thousands of employees and do not know whether or not they will be in business beginning of the year. Now the first-term obese JB Pritzker realizes the state cannot pay its bills. Therefore, JB Pritzker proposes $711 million in cuts to keep Illinois open.

Illinoisans Should Expert Higher Taxes In The Coming Months

Gov. J.B. Pritzker said Tuesday he authorized more than $711 million in budget cuts in offices under his control for the current fiscal year in an attempt to close a nearly $4 billion budget gap.

JB Pritzker said the following:

This gets us part of the way toward addressing the budget deficit. For additional, and more permanent balancing of our budgets going forward, I will work with the legislature, but make no mistake: legislative action and engagement is required. While short term federal help may yet come, we need to take action to maintain fiscal stability over the long run and address the problems that plagued Illinois pre-pandemic. My administration has “scoured the budget” to try to reduce the effect of the cuts on residents but, with a move to a graduated income tax off the table, “there will be a real human impact here. I’m sorry to say that we simply cannot prevent these losses from touching the real lives of our residents. This is going to be tough.  The cuts, which total $711.2 million, have already begun to be implemented.  Those cuts include a continuation of the state’s freeze on non-essential hiring and travel as well as other “operational savings” related to reduced equipment purchases and delayed technology projects, as well as grant reductions due to lower prison populations and the cancellation of state and county fairs. My staff is in conversations with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees and other employee unions about furlough days and other potential personnel cost adjustments in an attempt to identify another $75 million in cost savings for the state.

The cuts seem cruel to frontline state employees. This holds true because it was these frontline workers that stood loyal to their jobs and came in to work during the height of the pandemic. However, the state cannot keep on going on spending more money than they are raking in revenues.

JB Pritzker Proposes $711 Million In Cuts Should Have Been Done Earlier

Budget cuts should have been done the minute he got elected for JB Pritzker. You cannot spend more than you take in. The formula for spending more than you take in has been proven a failure over and over again. You need to expand your tax base. However, how is JB Pritzker expanding the Illinois tax base if tens of thousands of taxpayers are fleeing the state due to his tax policy. Pritzker keeps on increasing existing taxes in the state and creating brand new taxes. Illinois has the highest tax rates in the nation. Who would want to move to Illinois and call it home. You expand your tax base by luring new taxpayers and new businesses with low taxes or tax breaks. This is not what JB Pritzker is doing. Pritzker is causing a massive exodus of Illinoisans with his tax policies, high crime, high murder rates, and extreme far-left liberal ideology like defunding the police. Illinois has the second-highest property tax rate in the nation. Illinois is behind New Jersey but many experts believe Illinois should pass New Jersey in the coming months as the nation with the highest property tax rate. JB Pritzker gave state lawmakers raises this year during the height of the coronavirus economic crisis. JB Pritzker also approved $220 million dollars worth of raises to high-level state workers a few months ago. Does this governor look like he knows what he is doing? The $711 million in cuts is nothing but a pimple of an ass. Pritzker needs to stop the bleeding. The major bleeding is a broken pension system. Cutting the budget is a good start. However, there is no doubt JB Pritzker will increase state taxes, property taxes, and other taxes to fix the hole that is making Illinois the worst financially managed state in the nation. JB Pritzker has been diligently waiting for a federal bailout so he can use those funds and credit himself in fixing the state’s financial crisis. Now, JB Pritzker is counting on the Biden Administration to bail Illinois out.

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