JB Pritzker Counting on Biden in Bringing his Vax Message to Illinois

BREAKING NEWS: Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Counting On Biden Bailing Illinois Out Of Billions

Under the leadership of freshman rookie Governor JB Pritzker, Illinois is in trouble. All year, the 5’5″ 500 pound first term governor was counting on a federal bailout by the Trump Administration for Illinois financial crisis. JB Pritzker said he managed to have a balanced budget for Illinois but then the COVID-19 outbreak hit in February 2020. He has been sticking with his story about Illinois having a balanced budget but many called Pritzker out on his lie. Illinois was in a financial mess even prior to the coronavirus outbreak. What JB Pritzker was hoping for is to get a federal bailout by the Trump Administration and use those funds to balance the overall state budget deficit. However, his scheme backfired. President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans said no way in hell American taxpayers will be bailing out mismanaged states. Illinois has no money to pay its bills. Illinoisans are facing constant tax increases including constant property tax hikes. Many Illinoisans are calling it quits and are moving out to other lower taxed states. JB Pritzker does not seem concerned that by constant increasing taxes and creating new taxes he is facing  a mass exodus of individual taxpayers as well businesses. Illinois ranks as having the highest unemployment numbers during the coronavirus pandemic. JB Pritzker’s FAIR TAX Amendment just got defeated by voters in the November 3rd election.

Pritzker Increasing Taxes During The Coronavirus Recession

Nobody increases taxes during a national recession. JB Pritzker still wanted to go ahead with his so-called FAIR TAX. The FAIR TAX is a tax hike for middle and upper class workers. The FAIR TAX does very little for lower income wage earners. When asked whether increasing taxes was the right time during the coronavirus outbreak, Pritzker said there is no better time than now to increase taxes and implement the FAIR TAX. Pritzker wanted to change the current flat tax to a progressive tax system. However, to legally change the flat tax to a progressive tax system, voters needed to vote on it. Once voters approved the FAIR TAX, it needed a change to the Illinois state constitution. Illinois remains as the highest taxed state. Illinois is also the state with the greatest financial states in the U.S. Illinois has the highest out-migration of individual taxpayers and businesses than any other state in the nation.

Pritzker’s FAIR TAX Defeated: Now What?

Pritzker spent over $56 million of his own money to advertise changing the current flat tax to a progressive tax system he dubbed Pritzker’s FAIR TAX

  • The FAIR TAX is a tax increase for middle and upper class wage earners
  • The FAIR TAX does very little to lower income wage earners
  • At most, lower income wage earners may benefit $6 dollars if the FAIR TAX were passed
  • However, JB Pritzker was so sure of the passage of the FAIR TAX Amendment that he already counted on an extra $3.8 billion in revenues the FAIR TAX would bring
  • Now with the FAIR TAX defeated, he needs to come with the $3.8 billion budget shortfall immediately
  • With the press naming Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President-Elect and Vice-President-Elect, now Illinois Governor JB Pritzker counting on Biden bailing Illinois out of billions
  • Many are shaking their heads on how JB Pritzker became governor and whether this obese governor is serious

In this breaking news story, we will discuss and cover JB Pritzker Counting On Biden Bailing Illinois Out Of Billions.

JB Pritzker Counting On Biden Bailing Illinois Out Of Billions And Claim Credit For Being The Governor That Saved Illinois

JB Pritzker counted on the $3.8 billion in tax increases the passage of the FAIR TAX will bring on his budget. Now since voters did not approve for the FAIR TAX Amendment, Pritzker and lawmakers need to redo the budget and find the shortage from somewhere else for Illinois to pay its bills. Governor JB Pritzker said Illinois is going to borrower $2 billion from the federal reserve. The state is severely short in its budget. The $2 billion from the federal reserve funds will be a short term loan that needs to get paid back by taxpayers. JB Pritzker’s plan on paying back the federal reserve bank is when he gets the federal bailout money from Joe Biden when he is in the White House. There he goes again. JB Pritzker is absolutely clueless and lost. The heavyset first term rookie JB Pritzker does not seem to realize that Biden and Harris may not even gotten elected yet. He is counting on the chickens before they hatch.

JB Pritzker Counting On Biden Bailing Illinois Out: Pritzker Getting Short Term Loan To Pay Bills By The Feds

The Central Bank is offering short term loans to states affected financially by the coronavirus outbreak. The funds the Federal Reserve is offering are for states who got affected economically from the coronavirus outbreak. However, Illinois had financial issues prior to the coronavirus pandemic due to financial irresponsibility and mismanagement. JB Pritzker seems positive that Joe Biden is the president-elect and thinks he can now get billions of dollars in federal bailout. However, Joe Biden is NOT the president-elect. There are mounting evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 elections that has not been resolved. President Trump and his campaign are running back to back investigations in potential voter fraud. In the meantime, JB Pritzker, Lori Lightfoot, and Illinois Democrats are celebrating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be bailing them out.

Here is what Governor Pritzker said:

Our collective intention is to repay this line of credit as early as possible after either the awarding of stimulus by Congress or sufficient recovery of state revenues. The state needs to help protect the public by offering needed goods, such as a personal protective equipment (PPE), and provide funding for people who lost money because of COVID-19. President-elect Joe Biden and the House of Representatives have pledged to provide state and local stimulus funding.

This is what JB Pritzker tweeted:

With the race now called by several reputable national news outlets, I want to congratulate @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris on a historic win. I look forward to working with you and your administration to build a better future for Illinois and our entire nation. Replacing the worst president our country has ever seen, Joe Biden is a good, decent and empathetic man who comes with a national plan to address the pandemic and economic crisis. I’m confident that his leadership will unite Americans to save lives and livelihoods. As Vice President, Kamala Harris will be the first woman, first Black person and first South Asian American person to serve in the role. Her accomplishment and passion will inspire generations of women and girls — demonstrating that there are no limits on their potential. We have a lot of work to do to heal the deep divisions in our country and provide a steady hand in the most powerful positions in the United States and the world. I have no doubt that these two honest and caring people are the right team for the job.

Both JB Pritzker and his sidekick Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot were ecstatic and celebrated Joe Biden’s supposedly win to the White House without wearing masks in public. Again, these two are losing respect for not leading by example and being the two biggest public hypocrites.

Pritzker Is Counting On A Federal Bailout To Fix Illinois Financial Crisis

JB Pritzker should not be counting on a federal bailout by Joe Biden/Kamala Harris quite yet. It is not confirmed that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. As days pass, there is more evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 elections. Governor JB Pritzker should not gamble the livelihood of Illinois with his political powerplay. It is fine the governor to have high political ambitions and trying to be on the 2024 Democrat ticket for President. However, the governor should not be doing it at the risk of Illinoisans. Pritzker has shutdown Illinois again due to the surge of the coronavirus positive cases. However, there were surges in positive coronavirus cases nationwide because there were way more tests. The survival rate of coronavirus positive cases have been recorded at 99.7%. JB Pritzker’s power hunger and politicizing the coronavirus pandemic has hurt tens of thousands of Illinois businesses. Many hard working business owners have closed permanently due to Pritzker’s extended stay at home order.

JB Pritzker Counting On Biden Bailing Illinois Out For His Ticket To Fame

While other states like Florida, Indiana, and dozens of others are recovering from the coronavirus economic crash, Illinois is going backwards due to the incompetence of JB Pritzker and team. JB Pritzker’s sidekick Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is busy herself running Chicago into the ground. Lightfoot is the far left liberal mayor who supports BLM riots, defunding the police, and has shutdown Thanksgiving 2020. Illinois ranks as the highest taxed state. The state is being run on consistent budget deficits. Due to the huge budget deficits, the governor and local politicians keep on increasing taxes, especially property taxes. Illinoisans had enough. They are calling it quits and packing up their bags and fleeing to other low taxed states. How do these incompetent politicians get elected to office. They are literally running state and city government into the ground. We all should know where the voter fraud investigation is headed within the next few days. We will keep our viewers updated on developments as they occur. As of today, we do not know who the next president of the United States will be. STAY TUNED!!!

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I really think Illinois is a great state and Chicago is a great city. However, you have incompetent politicians like J.B. Pritzker and Lori Lightfoot at the helm of their leadership. Both of these incompetent politicians are crooks, corrupt, incompetent, and absolutely clueless and need to get removed. How do these people get elected? May the Biden Voter Fraud in the 2020 elections is the issue. Illinoisans are not stupid. There is no way even the dumbest voter would vote for this fatso Pritzker and ugly duckling Lightfoot. Something needs to be done to remove these incompetent politicians out of office and save Illinois and Chicago.

I know of so many people who are calling it quits and leaving Illinois. Illinois is a great state. Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities if not the most beautiful city in the nation if not the world. But I agree with you. You have this fat incompetent fat slob running the state that does not know what he is doing and this weird one off Lori Lightfoot who is running Chicago like she is king and defunding the police, joining Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters and really running the city into the ground. The city is broken and the only way to fix Chicago and Illinois is by firing these two clowns and getting real leaders who can run city and state government.

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