Illinois FAIR TAX Amendment Rejected By Voters Angering Pritzker

by Alex Carlucci

BREAKING NEWS: Illinois FAIR TAX Amendment Rejected By Voters Angering Pritzker

JB Pritzker’s Illinois FAIR TAX Amendment Rejected By Voters after November 3rd election.

First-term Governor JB Pritzker has been lobbying for changing Illinois’ flat tax to a progressive tax system The 5’5″ 500 pound Pritzker is the richest governor in the nation. He spent over $171 million of his own money to fund the 2018 governor’s race eventually winning. He is a newcomer to politics. He has tried numerous times to enter politics but to no success. He was a politician wannabe and always had dreams of being in an high-level government position or elected to office. In 1998, JB Pritzker spend over $500,000 of his own money to win a Congressional seat but was beaten. In 2008, Pritzker was caught in an undercover FBI wiretap with former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich discussing getting an appointment by Blagojevich either to replace newly elected President Barack Hussein Obama’s Senate seat or getting appointed as Illinois State Treasurer. Nothing came from the FBI wiretap and Pritzker did not get any of those positions. JB Pritzker got his fellow Democrats in the state legislature to agree with him in proceeding to change the flat tax to a progressive tax system. However, in order to change the state’s flat tax to a progressive tax system, 60% of the voters needed to vote YES in November 3rd’s election. Pritzker lobbied hard to promote his FAIR TAX. JB Pritzker called his progressive tax proposal the FAIR TAX. The 5’5″ 500-pound obese JB Pritzker even pumped more than $56.5 million of his own money to promote his FAIR TAX. In this article, Capital Lending Network, Inc. will discuss and cover Illinois FAIR TAX Amendment Rejected By Voters Angering Pritzker.

Illinois FAIR TAX Amendment Rejected By Voters: What Is Pritzker’s FAIR TAX

With the state’s flat tax, everyone pays the same tax rate of 4.9%. Whether you are poor, middle class, upper-middle class, or wealthy, all taxpayers have a flat tax rate of 4.9%. However, with Pritzker’s FAIR TAX proposal, the more money you make, the more taxes you pay. Pritzker claimed that 97% of Illinoisans will not pay higher taxes with his FAIR TAX proposal. This was not true. Changing the flat tax to the FAIR TAX would be a bad deal for middle-class taxpayers and could open up taxing retirement income. The last state to change the flat tax to a progressive tax system was Connecticut in 1998. The change proved to be disastrous and middle-class taxpayers ended up paying more taxes. The bottom line with Pritzker was his intention was to increase taxes during the worst time for Illinoisans. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, small business owners were hurting and on the verge of closing their doors permanently. Illinois had the highest unemployment rate in the nation due to Pritzker’s extended executive stay-at-home orders. As time passed, Governor JB Pritzker ranked as one of the most unpopular governors in the nation.

Illinois FAIR TAX Amendment Rejected By Voters: Pritzker Threatens Critics And Taxpayers

The FAIR TAX was JB Pritzker’s baby. He has been lobbying changing the state’s flat tax to his FAIR TAX amendment since he took office.

Despite what experts warned about the dangers of a progressive tax system, Pritzker did not listen. He even spend over $56.5 million of his own money for ads promoting the FAIR TAX. After voters rejected his FAIR TAX amendment proposal on November 3rd, 2020, an angered JB Pritzker laid out a plan on the steps the state will need to take from the loss of no longer being able to count on a progressive tax system. Pritzker was counting on the $3.8 billion dollars in tax revenues changing the current flat tax to a progressive tax will bring. On Wednesday’s press conference, the angry heavyset governor lashed at his opponents of the FAIR TAX and blamed them for false propaganda about his FAIR TAX. Due to voters not voting for his prized FAIR TAX, Pritzker threatened Illinoisans will suffer and many workers need to be permanently laid off. Pritzker said the state budget will need to be cut 15% or more across the board. He said Illinois will have less police protections because he has no other choice but to lay off 15% of the rank and file of troopers from the Illinois State Police. The governor said he will have no other choice but to lay off over 15% of state workers as well as trim spending in all state departments. Wait a minute!!! Isn’t it the way that it should be done. Live within your means. Do not spend more money than what you take in.

JB Pritzker raised and/or created new taxes since taking office. He even doubled the state’s gas tax. However, he kept on spending money the state did not have. He approved pay raises for state lawmakers, hired over 35 patronage workers recommended by Speaker of the House Michael J. Madigan, and approved a $225 million raise to high level state workers. No wonder the state is broke.

JB Pritzker Lays Out Plans On How Taxpayers Will Suffer Because Of The FAIR TAX Not Getting Approved

Not getting the FAIR TAX Amendment passed is a major blow for the first term Illinois governor. You can obviously see the anger of the heavyset governor. The dumb part out of all this is Pritzker already counted on the $3.8 billion changing the current flat tax to a progressive tax system in his budget and now he needed to restructure his state budget.

JB Pritzker said the following during Wednesday’s press conference:

There will be cuts, and they will be painful. And the worst thing is the same billionaires who lied about the fair tax are more than happy to hurt our public schools, shake the foundations of our cities, and to diminish our state, maybe because they think it won’t hurt them. I have said it before and will say it again that across-the-board tax increases would potentially be on the horizon if the “Fair Tax Amendment” failed. Be ready for that because it will be a possibility. What I’m focused on is the long-term fiscal health of the state. We have to address this. It’s the most important thing we can do, to stabilize our state. We’re going to have to look at deep and painful cuts because of what the billionaires and special interests have done to our state.  My administration made several moves to try to make in-roads in paying down the state’s debt, including the repayment of more than $1 billion in late bills over my first year in office. Under my leadership, we have also reduced late payment penalties by $850 million a year. We’ve been reducing waste and inefficiency from day one, because the problem of the state’s finances has to be addressed from every angle. The budget cuts aren’t my preferred method of dealing with the state’s budget woes. However, the removal of a progressive tax from my list of options could end up leading in that direction. Illinois has had the lowest percentage of state funding for education in the nation, increasing the gaps between schools in low-wealth, high poverty areas and those with abundant resources. And local school districts raised property taxes to make up for the state’s failure. I’m going to continue to fight for working families. I’m going to make sure that we pay the pensions that are owed to people, and I will stand four-square against any tax on retirement. We will get through all of this together, and when you feel yourself losing a bit of hope, I’m always here to offer you some of mine. I know the strong character of this state and its people, and for two centuries, it’s something we’ve always been able to count on, through thick and thin.

JB Pritzker’s popularity is going downhill fast. Pritzker is now two years into his first term. His handling of the coronavirus outbreak is destroying Illinois businesses. Illinois was the first state to shut down and one of the last states to reopen. However, due to Pritzker’s extensions of his executive stay-at-home orders, the state was only running with severe restrictions. Due to the surge in coronavirus positive cases, Pritzker has shut down indoor dining at restaurants, bars, and cafes effective October 30th, 2020. Nobody can figure what JB Pritzker is thinking. It is no secret JB Pritzker has high ambitions of becoming president one day. Is he trying to make a name of himself nationally? Is he planning in being the Democratic nominee for the 2024 Presidential ticket? From the looks of things, it seems JB Pritzker will only be a one-term governor. Not too many people are happy with his first term as governor of Illinois.


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Michael Fitzgerald November 9, 2020 - 11:56 pm

I think JB PRITZKER is hands down the fattest governor in the nation and the most incompetent Fatso to run state government

Tina Pendleton November 9, 2020 - 11:57 pm

I agree with Michael that JB PRITZKER is hands down the fattest governor in the nation. How can such an obese incompetent pig take charge of the state of Illinois and help taxpayers if he cannot take care of his own body. JB Pritzker looks disgusting and does not look like he will live a long life. I think this fat slob can kiss his dream of running for President in 2024 good bye. The probability of him dropping dead of a heart attack, stroke, obesity is over 90% plus. This Fatso is not competent to run state government . This 5’5″ 500 pounder is absolutely clueless and lost and a major liability for all Illinoisans.

R. Butler November 10, 2020 - 8:14 pm

JB Pritzker is definitely the fattest man I have ever seen in my life. I really do not care about his weight. I heard he is 5’5″ tall and weighs over 500 pounds with a bunch of health problems like diabetes, impotency, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and eating disorder. However, he is one evil fat slob. He is a major liability to all taxpayers and families. His power hunger is just out of control. Maybe he is taking it out on his wife MK Pritzker cheating on him. Or maybe he was a kid that was picked on when he was in grade school because he was so obese. Regardless, Democrats are evil, liars, cheaters, and plain incompetent in running state government. Eric Garcetti the Los Angeles Mayor is ruining the city with him defunding the police. Biden has dementia and will be dying soon. Kamala Harris is definitely a whole that thinks her pussy is in demand and will do anything to get votes. Kamala Harris is eyeing to be President of the United States.
Even though homicides have spiked 25% in LA this year, the Los Angeles Police Department will be downsizing its homicide unit and will no longer respond to traffic collisions. The LAPD will also be cutting their air support, robbery, and gang and narcotics units. This is the result of $150 million dollars in budget cuts made by the LA City Council in July, at the height of the “Defund the Police” movement on the Left. Democrats are destroying America. My prediction is President Donald Trump will win reelection and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be a world embarrassment and be the laughing stock of the century.

Raj Patel November 11, 2020 - 12:48 am

There is no way JB Pritzker could have gotten elected governor of Illinois without cheating. Pritzker is one fat obese incompetent SOB that all he knows is cheating, lying, and deceiving. His wife MK Pritzker has been cheating behind JB Pritzker all of their married life due to little pecker not being able to satisfy her. There are many rumors that his two kids are not his. MK Pritzker had affairs when they were conceived. Democrats have been cheating and am glad that they pulled this master cheating scheme with Biden and Harris. No doubt they will get caught and become the biggest laughing stocks of the century.
Joe Biden does not get to decide when this election ends. Only LEGAL ballots must be counted and verified. The OBSERVERS were not allowed, in any way, shape, or form, to do their job and therefore, votes accepted during this period must be VERIFIED to determine they were LEGAL VOTES. The media does NOT get to decide who is PRESIDENT! President Trump knows that YOU are one of his most reliable supporters, which is why we’re reaching out to you for your input on a quick one-question poll.

P. Hartmann November 13, 2020 - 7:06 pm

You are my inspiration , I own few blogs and occasionally run out from to brand. Great article about JB Pritzker and how screwed up he is and clueless he is in running Illinois. JB Pritzker needs to definitely get removed from office. He is not fit to have the responsibility to be governor. Look at Pritzker’s weight? This fat slob cannot even take care of his own body so how can he take care of the citizens of Illinois. I heard his wife MK Pritzker fucks around on him and have been for over 20 years. I don’t blame MK Pritzker for cheating on fat JB Pritzker. And who even thinks about raising taxes during a worldwide health crisis and when businesses are struggling. Only Fatman JB Pritzker. I cannot believe Fatman Pritzker had the gall of even launching his so called FAIR TAX. I love Illinois. Illinois is my home. I grew up in Northbrook and graduated from New Trier High School. I graduated from Northwestern University with my bachelor’s degree. I then went to California for graduate school and graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) and worked Southern California for five years. I missed Illinois so much that I came back to Illinois and made Illinois my home. However, it is so ridiculous with the dumbfucks we have running our government. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a major joke. Lori Lightfoot is the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life. She is supposed to be gay but is married to a guy who is a transgender. How in the heck did Lori Lightfoot become mayor of Chicago? How did Fatman JB Pritzker become a governor? These two hacks are the worst of the worst. I have been a lifelong democrat all of my life. However, I decided to become a Republican because I cannot stand the lies, cheating, incompetence, the Democrats stand for. I cannot believe how the media is covering the voter fraud that went on by Democrats in derailing President Trump’s votes. Unbelievable. Kamala Harris is a whore and prostitute who wins her way by blowing and screwing guys. Kamala Harris must have given old man Biden a blow job for that senile stuttering idiot to pick Kamala Harris as his running mate. Jill Biden is not a real doctor. Jill Biden got her doctorate degree from an online course and I do not even think the school is certified. Jill Biden really wants to be first lady. Jill Biden should not have had Joe Biden run for President at his age. Jill Biden is still in contact with the secret service agent she had an affair with ten years ago. Actually, Jill Biden’s boyfriend from the secret service is a friend of Joe’s too. Heard Joe Biden new about Jill Biden screwing with the secret service agent who was 18 years younger than Jill Biden. Regardless, this voter fraud scheme by the Democrats need to be revealed and the violators need to be prosecuted. Otherwise, we have no country left. Democrats will keep on committing crimes for many years to come unless they get caught. Why is Hillary Clinton still free? What Hillary Clinton did was illegal and under my eyes, Clinton is an enemy of the state. So is Barack Obama. A social experiment that went bad. A community activist from the Chicago Ghetto married to a transgender Michael Robinson Obama with absolutely zero experience in being in a leadership position become president of the United States. He failed big time.

Erica Doerring November 14, 2020 - 5:18 am


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Laura Hills November 14, 2020 - 7:54 pm

I voted against Pritzker’s FAIR TAX Amendment and am glad voters came to their senses that the FAIR TAX will devastate Illinois’ economy.

Gustan Cho November 14, 2020 - 10:56 pm

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Erica Doerring November 14, 2020 - 10:57 pm

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Massimo Ressa November 21, 2020 - 9:10 pm

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are ranked as the two most incompetent unpopular governors in the United States. JB Pritzker is the fattest governor in the nation. I have never knew a fat slob like JB Pritzker existed in the human race. Fatso has major power hunger due to him being picked on when he was in grade school. Many people picked on the overly overweight obese JB Pritzker. MK Pritzker is a whale as well. Cannot believe JB Pritzker is the father of his kids Obese pigs like JB Pritzker normally are 100% impotent for life. MK Pritzker must have screwed around.

Timothy Turley November 27, 2020 - 12:59 am

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Michael Hennesy November 29, 2020 - 2:46 am

JB Pritzker FAIR TAX was voted down by Illinois voters on November 3rd, 2020. JB Pritzker is the dumbest most incompetent person to ever get elected. This fatso is really a wannabe. He is not likeable. He is so fat it is disgusting. The funny thing is JB Pritzker already counted on $3.8 billion revenue the FAIR TAX will bring. Now since voters rejected on the FAIR TAX, JB Pritzker has a $3.8 billion dollar budget deficit. This is no joke. Pritzker had the proposed potential revenue the FAIR TAX will bring already penciled in on the state’s budget. UNBELIEVEABLE is an understatement. Stupidity is more like the perfect word. Now the angry Pritzker threatened Illinoisans that he has no other choice but to increase state income taxes and lay off state troopers. As time pass, Illinoisans are seeing the incompetency level of Pritzker. JB Pritzker has two more years left of his first term as governor of Illinois. Can he make it? Or, a better question is can Illinois make it? JB Pritzker is becoming more of a liability than he is incompetent. Can you believe this fatfuck wants to become president. He is one major liability for Illinois taxpayers. He needs to get impeached. I just do not know how these incompetent idiots keep on getting elected.

John Louis McNamara November 30, 2020 - 5:18 pm

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Michelle Freeman December 9, 2020 - 3:21 pm

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Charles Crezcenzo December 9, 2020 - 5:43 pm

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker is threatening small business owners who defy his lockdown order that the Illinois State Police will be ticketing them with high fines. This fat oversized obese JB Pritzker is hands down the fattest governor in the nation. This 5’5″ 500 pounder JB Pritzker has a major power hunger because he was picked on when he was in high school. Most cops were kids who were picked on during high school. This fat slob cannot be a cop due to his extreme obesity so he paid $171 million dollars to buy the election for Illinois governor. The fat slob now wants to become President of the United States in 2024. There is no way he will last until 2024. Fatso is going to drop dead before then of his obesity. He will either end up with a major heart attack or a stroke and drop dead.

Chuck Crezcenzo Senior, Manhattan, Illinois

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