Blame Illinois Exodus on Jobs, Housing, Tax Policy

BREAKING NEWS: Illinois Exodus Numbers Skyrocketing Due To Poor Leadership By Governor JB Pritzker

Illinois Exodus Numbers Skyrocketing Due To Poor Leadership by first-term freshman Governor JB Pritzker. Illinois has a history of being poorly managed by the governor and Democrats. JB Pritzker is a new face in Illinois political circles. Pritzker has always been a politician wannabe. In 1998, JB Pritzker spend over $500,000 of his own money to run for U.S. Congress. However, even with investing the kind of money he did, he only finished third place. JB Pritzker is the heir of the Hyatt Hotel Fortune. He is worth an estimated $3.8 billion dollars. Why would anyone worth that kind of money want to become a politician?  Well, Pritzker preaches he is a savvy billionaire businessman and knows how to run successful businesses. He expressed interest in taking over Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat when Obama won in 2008. However, his plans in getting appointed as Illinois State Treasurer by former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich backfired. The oversized obese JB Pritzker was caught up in an undercover FBI wiretap with Blagojevich. Nothing came out of the criminal undercover FBI wiretap for Pritzker. Blagojevich eventually was indicted and convicted of public corruption. Blagojevich got his prison sentence commuted by President Donald J. Trump after serving seven years of his 14 year sentence. Pritzker’s name resurface again in 2015 when he announced he was going to run for governor. JB Pritzker spent over $171 million of his own money to win the Illinois governor’s race. For the most part, Illinoisans were hoping Pritzker will use his business savvy in fixing Illinois’s financial crisis and stop the exodus of taxpayers and businesses.

In this article, we will discuss and cover Illinois Exodus Numbers Skyrocketing Due To Poor Leadership by JB Pritzker and state Democrats.

Illinois Exodus Was Nothing To Worry About Until Now

Illinois always had more out-migration than in-migration of residents and businesses in the past 20 years. Therefore, there was nothing to worry too much about.  Illinois always had a history of high taxes, budget deficits, and corruption. Public corruption cost Illinoisans more than $550 million per year. Part of other contributing factors of declining population in Illinois were due to declining birth rates, lower immigration numbers, and companies leaving the state to other lower taxed states. However, after the rookie freshman JB Pritzker became governor, the Illinois Exodus rate was alarming. Illinoisans had enough. Pritzker did not waste any time increasing existing taxes on over 20 items and creating new taxes. Pritzker has made a very unpopular move and doubled the state’s gas tax. The budget deficit in Illinois has hit a historic record under Pritzker’s leadership. Pritzker gave state lawmakers a raise when the state was in a major budget crisis. Pritzker also approved a $220 million pay raise for high level state workers per the recommendation of Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan’s recommendation. Michael Madigan is currently under federal investigation on a bribery scheme with Commonwealth Edison. Just four months into JB Pritzker’s first term in office, the 5’5″ 500 pound JB Pritzker gets caught in a tax fraud scheme with his wife MK Pritzker and gets caught. The property tax fraud scheme lands him and his wife MK Pritzker a federal criminal investigation. He announced that the tax fraud investigation was nothing and he did nothing wrong. However, the FBI and federal investigators said Pritzker’s tax fraud criminal investigation has expanded to the Cook County Assessor’s Office and by no means is it over. Illinois indicted six governors for public corruption. Out of the six governors, four of Illinois governors were indicted, convicted, and served time in federal prison. Can Husky JB Pritzker be the next jail bird governor?

JB Pritzker’s Solution To Fixing Illinois Financial Crisis

It was not difficult to figure JB Pritzker out. Pritzker is no brilliant savvy billionaire businessman.

  • JB Pritzker was born with a silver spoon in his mouth
  • Turns out he is absolutely clueless
  • JB Pritzker had nothing to do in taking Hyatt Hotel to an international Hotel brand name
  • It was his father
  • JB Pritzker just inherited the billions when his father died
  • JB Pritzker’s solution to fixing Illinois’ financial crisis is just to keep on increasing taxes
  • Also, if increasing taxes is not enough, creating new taxes
  • Many economists could not believe Pritzker’s bonehead idea of promoting his progressive tax he called the FAIR TAX
  • During the coronavirus outbreak recession in Illinois, Pritzker was pushing to still go ahead with changing the state’s flat tax to his FAIR TAX
  • The FAIR TAX is a tax increase for Illinoisans
  • The FAIR TAX would have affected over 100,000 small business owners
  • These 100,000 small business owners would have seen their taxes increase by more than 47%

The FAIR TAX was rejected by Illinois voters on November 3rd’s election.

Increasing Taxes Is All This Governor Knows

JB Pritzker’s FAIR TAX was voted down by Illinois voters on November 3rd, 2020. The funny thing is JB Pritzker already counted on $3.8 billion revenue the FAIR TAX will bring. Now since voters rejected on the FAIR TAX, JB Pritzker has a $3.8 billion dollar budget deficit. This is no joke. Pritzker had the proposed potential revenue the FAIR TAX will bring already penciled in on the state’s budget. UNBELIEVEABLE is an understatement. Stupidity is more like the perfect word. Now the angry Pritzker threatened Illinoisans that he has no other choice but to increase state income taxes and lay off state troopers. As time pass, Illinoisans are seeing the incompetency level of Pritzker. JB Pritzker has two more years left of his first term as governor of Illinois. Can he make it? Or, a better question is can Illinois make it? JB Pritzker is becoming more of a liability than he is incompetent.

  • JB Pritzker turned out to be a flop
  • He is not just raising taxes on the existing taxes the state has but also creating new taxes
  • Not only is he increasing and creating new taxes, but he is not cutting spending
  • This obese oversized governor is out of control
  • He does not seem concerned with the mass Illinois exodus of individual taxpayers and small business owners
  • The state’s population have been steadily declining over the past 20 years
  • However, since Pritzker took office, the exodus of individuals and businesses has skyrocketed to historic levels

The number one reason why the sudden sharp increase in mass out-migration numbers is due to high taxes and uncertainty in the fate of Illinois’ economy due to incompetent politicians.

Pritzker Politicizing Coronavirus Cause Illinois Exodus Of Workers

JB Pritzker’s dream is to become President of the United States. JB Pritzker has his eyes on the 2024 Democrat seat for President of the United States. Why is JB Pritzker politicizing the coronavirus pandemic? He wants to be known as the Health Czar in the U.S. He wants to be America’s Governor. He wants to be the governor who cares about the health and safety of Americans. He wants to make sure Illinois is so financially strapped that the feds need to bail the state out. However, his scheme is backfiring. President Trump and Senate Republicans already said and were firm the federal government will not be bailing financially irresponsible states.

The Deterioration Of Illinois

Jobs are declining in Illinois:

  • Recent data detail Illinois has the highest unemployment numbers than any other state in the nation during the coronavirus pandemic
  • This is because of Pritzker’s extending his stay at home executive orders
  • Illinois is the first state in the nation to be shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and the last state to reopen
  • Even when the state reopened, it was very restrictive by JB Pritzker
  • Pritzker had the state reopen in phases under tight restrictions
  • For example, restaurants, bars and cafes were only allowed to operate at 25% of capacity
  • Other Republican led states like Indiana, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Nevada reopened at full capacity
  • Opened states were recovering quickly and unemployment numbers were rapidly shrinking at historic rates
  • However, Illinois was lagging due to the incompetence of JB Pritzker and Democrats statewide
  • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was busy running Chicago into the ground
  • Both Pritzker and Lightfoot went on protests with Black Lives Matter and promoted the riots in Chicago

To make matters worse, JB Pritzker closed the state again on October 30th. Due to the surge in positive coronavirus cases, JB Pritzker ordered a lockdown on all indoor businesses.

JB Pritzker Shuts Down State For The Second Time In 2020

All restaurants, bars, and cafes have been ordered closed for the next 30 days by Pritzker. Pritzker even threatened any business owners who open and defy his orders will be fined, arrested, and jailed. He said he will even revoke the business and liquor licenses of business owners defying his executive lockdown order. Pritzker’s executive lockdown order has forced many small business owners to close their doors permanently while others were slammed with huge debts they had no other choice but to go bankrupt. Two thirds of Illinoisans are employed by small businesses. Small businesses in Illinois is in chaos due to this 5’5″ 500 pound JB Pritzker. Many are calling it quits and moving to nearby Indiana where the whole state is open and job opportunities await hurting Illinoisans. Property taxes are skyrocketing in Illinois. Many elderly homeowners without a mortgage can no longer afford to live in their homes due to skyrocketing property taxes. The exodus of Illinoisans to other states does not seem to concern JB Pritzker and Lori Lightfoot. Both JB Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said they have no other choice but to increase property taxes again in order to be able to fill the huge budget gaps. How are these incompetent politicians like JB Pritzker and Lori Lightfoot getting elected. Is it Voter and Election Fraud like what happened in the 2020 Elections?

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