Chicago Speed Camera Will Ticket Motorists Going Over 6 MPH

This Breaking News Article Is About Chicago Speed Camera Will Ticket Motorists Going Over 6 MPH Starting 2021

It is no secret that Chicago is facing huge budget deficits.

Chicago is the highest taxed city in the nation. However, even with the highest taxes in just about everything including property taxes, the city is still broke and cannot pay its bills. While other Republican-led major cities are recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, Chicago is yet to find other ways of increasing revenues to be able to pay its bills.
First-term Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is proving herself to be incompetent in leading such a large-sized city like Chicago. Chicago is under crisis more so today than ever before. Chicagoans are fed up with the high crime rate, the high murder rate, the never-ending tax increases, and a liberal mayor who was joining the protesters and rioters during the summer and fall of 2020. To show their dissatisfaction, tens of thousands of Chicagoans are fleeing the city to the suburbs and/or other low taxed states. Lightfoot who was also open-minded in defunding the Chicago Police Department is now stooping to an all-time new low. Effective January 1st, 2021, Chicago Speed Camera will be ticketing motorists going over 6 miles per hour throughout the city.

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover how effective January 1st, 2021 Chicago Speed Camera will ticket motorists going over 6 MPH.

Revenues From Chicago Speed Camera Expected To Rake In Millions To Cover $1.2 Billion Budget Deficit

Starting New Year 2021, Chicago will start issuing traffic tickets for motorists who are caught speeding six to nine miles per hour within city limits through the automated speed cameras.

This new law by Mayor Lori Lightfoot was created to increase revenue to cover part of the city’s budget shortfall. It was not created because of safety issues of Chicagoans. Lori Lightfoot is expecting millions of dollars in revenue this year with citing motorists who speed six miles over the posted speed limit through the automatic speed cameras. The tickets is supposed to cost violators $35 dollars.
Chicago has over $1.2 billion dollars in its budget deficit.
The city’s broken pension system is sucking taxpayers dry with no cap on tax increases.
Chicago has the highest taxes in the nation out of any major metropolitan city. However, the city is always short despite having the nation’s highest taxes.

Why is other lower-taxed Republican-led major cities thriving and raking in billions in revenues and high-taxed Chicago on the verge of bankruptcy? Answer is simple. Incompetent leadership.

Incompetence And High Taxes Destroying Chicago

Mayor Lightfoot shadowing Illinois Governor JB Pritzker’s incompetence in increasing taxes during a global pandemic is creating a major exodus of taxpayers and businesses to flee Illinois to other low taxed states.

Both JB Pritzker and Lori Lightfoot are politicizing the coronavirus pandemic. First-time freshman political newcomer JB Pritzker has high political goals. JB Pritzker saw an opportunity to politicize the COVID-19 pandemic to brand his name on a national level. JB Pritzker wanted to brand himself as America’s health czar.
America’s Health Czar from an overly overweight obese 56-year-old governor who may drop dead any day from a heart attack due to his obesity? Lori Lightfoot seems to consider Pritzker as her mentor.
Lori Lightfoot is behind on all of JB Pritzker’s political decisions including going along with Pritzker’s second executive stay at home order lockdown.
The second executive stay at home order is destroying Illinois small businesses where over a third of businesses will be closed permanently.

Lightfoot is planning on another property tax increase to cover part of the $1.2 billion budget deficit. Incompetent leadership and financial irresponsibility is crushing the city of Chicago.

Mayor Lightfoot Counting On Federal Bailout Backfires

Chicago Speed Camera to ticket motorists was initially sold to the city for public safety in having motorists drive the speed limit.

However, Mayor Lori Lightfoot saw a way to capitalize on automatic speed cameras as a means to raise revenues to cover part of the city’s $1.2 billion dollar budget deficit. Lightfoot is grabbing for straws to cover the huge budget deficit. Part of the reason why Chicago is facing the largest budget deficit in its history is because of the executive stay at home order during the coronavirus pandemic.
Lightfoot followed JB Pritzker’s lead in having the city be one of the first major cities to shut down when the pandemic hit Illinois and one of the last cities to reopen. However, the second round of stay at home order has been in effect as of November 1st, 2020. Not only has the lockdown hurt businesses but also has dropped tax dollars since businesses were shut down. Both Pritzker and Lightfoot have been banking on a federal coronavirus bailout to pay for the deficit. However, their counting on a federal bailout has backfired due to opposition from well-run states. Why should lower-taxed cities and financially responsible states pay for mismanaged cities and states. Now with the possibility of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris winning the 2020 Presidential Election, Lightfoot is really banking on a federal bailout. However, there is a tremendous amount of evidence Joe Biden and Democrats have cheated and committed election fraud in the November 3rd elections.

If election fraud did occur, Lightfoot and Pritzker are going to get another round of disappointment. In the meantime, tens of thousands of families and small business owners are fleeing Chicago in droves.

Mayor Lightfoot Increases Other Taxes To Cover Major Budget Shortfall Besides Chicago Speed Camera Trap

Besides counting on revenues from Chicago Speed Camera Traps, the city will impose a 3-cent per-gallon gas tax increase starting January 1st, 2021. Also, there will be an increase in a computer lease tax. To collect more revenues, 96 new parking pay boxes will be added.

Dale Elenteny  has been following Chicago’s financial destruction due to incompetent politicians for the past five years. Dale Elenteny has been following this story and said the following:

That will mean about 750 spots that have been free, in parts of downtown, Lincoln Square, Old Town, Lakeview, and other North Side neighborhoods, will require drivers to pay to park. The money raised from those meters is slated to offset the annual payment the city has to make to Chicago Parking Meters LLC for meters taken out of commission, part of the much-despised 2008 meter lease. A $94 million property tax hike is also in the offing, though that increase won’t appear on property owners’ tax bills until 2022 because of the normal one-year payment lag. And there’s a plan to refinance $501 million in city debt for the 2021 budget, which will provide a jolt of new revenue next year but likely cost taxpayers more later. The speeding ticket change — part of Lightfoot’s 2021 plan to raise an additional $38 million from fines, forfeitures, and penalties — has drawn the ire of community groups and some aldermen because tickets can hit working-class residents hard. The city has had the power to ticket cars going as little as 6 mph over the limit since Mayor Rahm Emanuel started the speed camera program in 2013. But Emanuel never took full advantage of it. Currently, only those caught driving 10 mph above the limit get the $35 tickets. Tickets of $100 are issued to drivers caught speeding by 11 mph or more above the posted limit. As a candidate, Lightfoot promised to reform the city’s fines and fees program, saying it was regressive and focused on generating revenue, not safety.

Lori Lightfoot has turned to a new low. Many analysts wonder if Lightfoot knows what she is doing. Many consider her to be a major liability to Chicagoans and the future of the city. You do not keep on increasing taxes during a time of a global pandemic and economic crisis. Small businesses employ two-thirds of the workforce in Illinois. For her to keep on extending the stay at home order and keeping the city at a lockdown, it is not just affecting small business owners but employment in the city as well. It cost small businesses millions of dollars due to the Chicago Riots which Lightfoot promoted due to the George Floyd killing in Minnesota. Actually, Lightfoot joined the protesters on the George Floyd march in Chicago. This turned out to backfire on Lightfoot where protesters gathered in front of her Logan Square home. Lightfoot, who is for defunding the police, had over 100 Chicago police officers guarding her house. In the meantime, thousands of Chicagoans and business owners are fleeing the city. Chicago is in deep trouble. You cannot have an incompetent mayor and city council members who are absolutely clueless and lost run the city. This is a developing story. We will keep our viewers updated on developments to this story. STAY TUNED!!!

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