Chicago’s Mayor: ‘You Must Cancel the Normal Thanksgiving Plans’

BREAKING NEWS: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Orders Cancelation Of Thanksgiving Plans
When news broke Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Orders Cancelation Of Thanksgiving Plans, many Chicagoans thought it was a joke. However, it was no joke. It is for real. Lori Lightfoot thinks she is King of Chicago and NOT The Mayor of Chicago. Lori Lightfoot, the freshman rookie first-term Chicago Mayor, and first-term Illinois Governor JB Pritzker are making a name of themselves in taking the coronavirus outbreak to a new level. Illinois was the first state to shut down and the last state to reopen. Let me take that statement back. Illinois has not reopened yet. Small businesses in Illinois are hurting and many plan on closing permanently due to power-hungry JB Pritzker. Restaurants, bars, and cafes were partially reopened in doing business at 25% capacity but the JB Pritzker declared an extended executive lockdown order on all indoor dining. Pritzker went further and shut down all indoor business with public gathering spaces which include gyms, churches, and other indoor places of business effective October 30th, 2020. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is Pritzker’s pawn and follows the heavyset obese governor’s lead on extending lockdown orders in Chicago. In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Orders Cancelation Of Thanksgiving Plans. It is no joke folks. You cannot make this stuff up.

How Do Incompetent Politicians Like Lori Lightfoot Get Elected

How Do Incompetent Politicians Like Lori Lightfoot Get Elected

Chicago is a very beautiful city. One of the most beautiful cities in the nation if not the world. However, Chicago has its share of problems due to incompetent politicians like Lori Lightfoot. Chicago is the highest taxed city in the nation. With having the highest taxes, the city should have billions in reserves, right?  WRONG. City ranks having the worst financial deficit out of any large metropolitan city in the United States. The city is always running at a deficit due to financial irresponsibility by the mayor and the Chicago City Council. The only solution Lightfoot has is to propose tax increases. Chicago homeowners pay the highest property taxes than any other city in the state. Many Chicagoans cannot believe how incompetent politicians like Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Illinois Governor JB Pritzker got elected.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Orders Cancelation Of Thanksgiving Plans Unconstitutional

Legal scholars agree politicians like Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Governor JB Pritzker are breaking the law with their extensions on their executive stay-at-home orders. Politicians can issue a one-time executive 30-day executive shutdown order. However, governors and mayors cannot keep on extending emergency executive stay-at-home orders like Lightfoot and Pritzker have been doing. Clay County Circuit Court Judge Michael McHaney ruled against JB Pritzker’s stay-at-home order and ruled it being unconstitutional beyond April 2020. Judge McHaney ruled the governor had the right to order a one-time 30-day stay-at-home order but could not keep on extending it.

Governor Ignores Judge’s Order

Pritzker ignored Judge McHaney’s ruling and had the Illinois Attorney General file a bunch of appeals in both state and federal courts. The political divide is so out of control that even state and federal judges are ruling along political sides. The judicial branch of state and federal government should never be political. Unfortunately, judges are now ruling in favor of which political party they belong to which is very unfortunate. Corruption in the U.S. is being revealed and needs to be fixed.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Orders Cancelation Of Thanksgiving Plans: Lightfoot And Pritzker Ranked As The Worst Politicians Ever Elected To Office

Both Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Governor JB Pritzker are making national headlines in being ranked as the worst mayor and governor in the nation ever elected to office. There is no doubt both Lightfoot and Pritzker will be one-term politicians. You cannot have a leader without experience in running the city, county, state government who is incompetent and has no experience being a leader.

You cannot have a leader, whether a mayor, governor, CEO of a company, who does not lead by example. Lightfoot as well as countless mayors and governors from Democrat states are condoning riots, the black lives movement, defunding the police, and looting. Many hard-working Americans are afraid of this kind of leadership and fleeing these liberal cities and states to other states led by Republican mayors and governors. Lori Lightfoot, like Barack Obama, was a lifelong government worker and community activist. She is not qualified to run Chicago and she is not qualified to be in any position of leadership. She, along with heavyset obese JB Pritzker, is ruining the lives of small business owners and workers due to their ridiculous power-hunger in shutting down the city and state.

Due to Lightfoot and Pritzker’s power hunger and extensions of their lockdown orders, Illinois ranks with the highest unemployment rate in the nation during the coronavirus outbreak. With the extended restrictions by Lightfoot and Pritzker and with the second round of lockdown orders on indoor dining, Illinois has the highest business closure and bankruptcy rate in the nation. There is a massive exodus of Chicagoans moving out of the city due to Lori Lightfoot’s poor leadership. So, how did Lightfoot, Pritzker, and other incompetent politicians get elected? Was it voter fraud?

2020 Voter Fraud Scheme Investigation In National Elections

President Donald Trump seemed like he got way more votes than Joe Biden but there are obvious irregularities that the election has not yet produced a winner. There is strong evidence of voter fraud. It seems liberal Democrats preplanned and premeditated in making President Donald J. Trump does not get re-elected for a second term. Democrats have tried relentlessly in getting President Trump out of office from the minute he was sworn in as the 45th U.S. President of the United States. The fraudulent Russian Collusion investigation led by Democrats was a two-year $50 million dollar partisan political hit on President Trump and innocent Republicans that turned out to be a major hoax and conspiracy. Adam Schiff, a proven liar, and incompetent politician was the biggest troublemaker in creating lies and conspiracy theories in trying to get President Trump impeached from day one. Countless other Democrats could not stand President Trump and would do anything and everything to get him impeached out of office during his Presidency.

There are hundreds of Democrats including Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Dick Durbin, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and hundreds of others who would do everything possible and would do everything possible to make sure he does not get elected. Politicians that hate Trump and would do anything and everything including participating in voter fraud include local politicians, state governors, and Democrats holding federal seats. The country is extremely divided like never before in history. If federal investigators do not investigate these voter fraud allegations in a bi-partisan way, we will not have a country left anymore. If voter allegations still linger on the minds of Americans, there is no more trust in our political system.

The Importance Of Investigating Voter Fraud Allegations For The Future Being Of The United States

From the evidence being revealed, it seems President Trump was a victim of voter fraud initiated and administered by the Democrats:

  • If allegations of voter fraud get proven, many high ranking Democrats will be going to jail
  • We will not discuss this topic any further on this fraud nor name key people who have been accused of masterminding the national voter fraud scheme causing chaos in the 2020 national election but will once this breaking news hits the wires
  • If the national voter fraud scheme gets proven in the coming days and weeks, we will now know how politicians like Lightfoot, Pritzker, Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, AOC, Cuomo, DeBlasio, and thousands of other incompetent unqualified politicians get elected to office

Lori Lightfoot has gotten out of control and is now ordering Chicagoans to cancel their Thanksgiving plans.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Orders Cancelation Of Thanksgiving Plans: Is The Mayor Going To Far?

The news of Chicago Mayor Lightfoot asking Chicagoans to cancel Thanksgiving plans is the talk in town. Not just the talk in Chicago and/or Illinois but national news. What sparked Lightfoot to make such a statement was the surge in positive COVID-19 cases. COVID-19 positive cases have been skyrocketing throughout the United States. However, part of the reason for the skyrocketing positive cases is due to more tests being administered. When Lightfoot first made the stay-at-home declaration for Thanksgiving for Chicagoans, everyone thought it was a joke. Lightfoot then goes on multiple media networks and announces all Chicagoans to stay at home and not to celebrate the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

All Chicagoans should stay at home unless they need to report to work, school, or tend to essential needs such as going to a doctor’s appointment and/or getting groceries. Lori Lightfoot said her main concern as the Mayor of Chicago is the safety and lives of Chicagoans. Lightfoot said the surge in positive cases is a serious life and death matter and that under her leadership, the city is doing everything humanly possible to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Lightfoot Wants To Cause Fear To Chicagoans Without FACTS

Why Lightfoot wants to frighten the people of Chicago without FACT

People infected with the coronavirus have a 99.7% recovery rate. A large percentage of people with positive COVID-19 cases do not even know they have contracted it. President Donald Trump, First Lady Melanie Trump, and First Son Barron Trump all contracted the coronavirus and have recovered from it in less than one week. They are all fine. What Lori Lightfoot and JB Pritzker are trying to do is spread fear. Many experts think Democrats are trying to politicize the coronavirus outbreak so they make sure Joe Biden and Kamala. Harris become the 46th President and Vice President of the United States. Democrats want to make sure President Donald Trump does not get re-elected for a second term. For Democrats, the only thing left to win the White House is the coronavirus.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Orders Cancelation Of Thanksgiving Plans: Mayor Lightfoot’s Press Conference On Shutting Down The City During Thanksgiving And Christmas

Mayor Lori Lightfoot did not waste any time calling a press conference with dozens of media networks covering her speech. Here is what Lightfoot said at her press conference:

I am issuing the 30-day stay-at-home advisory, asking people to refrain from traveling, having guests in their home or leaving for nonessential business in response to the rapid rise of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the city. This is serious life and death. Under my leadership as Mayor of Chicago, I am doing what is necessary to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are sounding the alarm that we are at this inflection point where we have to do more than we’ve already done. The virus continues to rapidly spread across the state. Illinois hit a record high in average daily new cases Wednesday, with cases now up more than 60% compared to a week ago. The state reported more than 12,700 new cases on Thursday. Chicago is averaging around 1,900 new cases a day. We estimate the city will lose 1,000 more Chicagoans to this virus by the end of the year.

Lightfoot is making more on the coronavirus than what the facts state. There is something up with Democrats on how they are going after around two in spreading fear. Most health experts who are bi-partisan suggest that people should continue on with their normal lives and just practice social distancing. However, that is not what Democrats are saying. Pritzker has shut down indoor dining effective October 30th, 2020 until further notice. JB Pritzker said he will most likely issue a statewide lockdown if the positive COVID-19 cases continue to surge in the coming days and weeks.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Orders Cancelation Of Thanksgiving Plans: What Are Democrat Mayors And Governors Up To Now

The national media is getting out of control and does not like President Trump. The national media including Fox News has released polls that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will win the Presidential Race in a landslide. Taking a step further, the media also reported a massive blue wave where Democrats will hand down to have a large majority in both House and Senate. The media turned out to be wrong. There was no blue wave. It seems the Republicans will have control of the U.S. Senate. The House of Representatives may still have the majority but with a smaller margin than before. Many Democrat House seats have been flipped to Republicans. On election night, President Trump’s numbers seemed great and he seemed like he was on the road to winning the Presidency again. Then all of a sudden, a few swing states closed the count of votes until the next day. Why did they do that? Could it be because of cheating? Voter fraud?

The following morning, many states miraculously had thousands of Biden/Harris votes and no Trump votes. Something did not seem right. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada had computer glitches that converted Trump votes into Biden votes. Wisconsin had more votes for Biden than the number of registered voters. How can this be? Certain states will do a hand recount so the actual legitimate votes will be revealed. So, the reason Democrats like Lightfoot, Pritzker, Whitmer, want to shut down their cities and states and install fear over COVID-19 is in the event if voters need to revote due to voter and election fraud, they want to keep voters at home and not leave their homes to vote.

Democrats will do anything and everything to keep Trump out of office and ruin any chance of getting re-elected for a second term. They rather have the U.S. go down the drain by having Biden and Harris in the White House than a president who has done more in 4 years than Biden has done in 47 years as a politician. Stay tuned. We will continue on with this story.

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